Costume Suggestions

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Students, faculty and parent volunteers are requested to dress in Eighteenth Century Style.

Men & Boys:
White shirt (somewhat loose)
Lace cravat (worn around the neck)
Waist coat (suit vest)
High white socks
Knee britches (baseball knickers/regular pants tucked into socks)
Powdered "wig" (attach yarn braid ‘ponytail’ to a headband/hat)
Tri-corn hat

Women & Girls:
White blouse (lace or ruffle trim may be added to collar or cuffs)
Long full skirt
White apron
Shawl or vest
White mob cap or bonnet

Illustrations from:
Everyday Dress of Rural America 1783-1800 with Instructions and Patterns by Merideth Wright, Illustrated by Nancy Rexford, Dover Publications, Inc. NY, 1999
Ike Shaw,
Nov 20, 2013, 7:05 AM