Pot Luck Info

*Note - The Pot Luck is an optional part of Colonial Day*
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    The goal of this project is to immerse students in the experience of life in the Eighteenth Century and to provide families an opportunity to learn and have fun together! To make this experience as authentic as possible we are asking families to choose a recipe and prepare a dish to send to school on the day of the Fair for a Colonial Pot Luck Dinner.

    This will be in place of regular school lunch on the day of the fair. It is suggested that students who are not adventurous eaters or who have food allergies should bring a bag lunch.

    A collection of recipes have been created for your convenience. They can be found on our website here.

    Choose a recipe; prepare it with your child. Please be aware that many children are allergic to NUT PRODUCTS. Avoid using any nuts or peanut oil in your recipe. Drop off your contribution at school the morning of the fair or make arrangements with another parent to deliver so students won’t have to carry food on the bus.

Please use old fashioned serving dishes (crocks, baskets, iron skillets, etc.) if you can. Clearly label serving pieces with your name, phone number and classroom teacher’s name, so they can find their way home.

Many of the foods that took much time to prepare and cook over open hearth fireplaces are now easily available in our grocery stores. If your family is too busy to make something from “scratch” it would be acceptable to send in store-bought foods instead.
Ike Shaw,
Nov 20, 2013, 7:15 AM