Ike Shaw - Executive Director

Ike grew up with the arts as the central focus of his life, with countless hours of his youth devoted to theatrical
productions, music ensembles and creation of original works. Ike obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Composition from the Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase. 

Ike is a founding member of The Wayfinder Experience (wayfinderexperience.com), an interactive theatre-arts camp for young people based in Ulster County (NY). In addition to his marketing and management responsibilities at Wayfinder, Ike discovered a passion for teaching and curriculum development, bringing much of the Wayfinder program into area schools and adapting the lessons of the camp to a classroom environment. The Wayfinder school program eventually became Adventure Game, Inc. (AGI), a non-profit created to provide experiential education through the arts, with Ike as Executive Director.

In addition to his directing and teaching obligations at AGI, Ike is pursuing his NYS Teaching Certification in Music Education. He plans to obtain certification by early 2012, and looks forward to utilizing his training with his students for years to come!