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Ancient Greece

Students are transported to the world of ancient Greece through the study of creation myths, the pantheon of gods and goddesses, the origins of democracy  and Greek culture. Participants will then choose a God, Goddess or ancient Hero to research. Using theatrical costuming, improvisational theatre techniques and the information gathered through their research, participants will enter an interactive Olympus where, complete with period costuming, they become the character they studied. Students will be immersed in ancient Greek culture by engaging in Olympic-style athletics, poetry readings, philosophical debates…learning first-hand what ancient Greece was all about

Here is an example of the Mt. Olympus curriculum. 

Each class includes a student journaling activity as well as an accompanying theatre/visual art/cooperative physical exercise.

Class One: Mythology & Creation; Major Gods & Goddesses
Class Two: Iconography, Epithets & Olympian Family Tree
Class Three: Major Heroes, Minor Gods & The Hero’s Journey
Class Four: Greek Art, God & Goddess Portraits and Famous Works
Class Five: The Epics, Intro to The Iliad
Class Six: The Odyssey and Other Works
Class Seven: Costuming and Character Development
Class Eight: Mt. Olympus Festival – Olympic Events, Potluck Feast, Interactive Storytelling