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Fantasy Adventure

Residency/Retreat - Character Education -Grades 3 and up
Our most involved program takes students into a completely immersive world where they can control their own fate in a way that would be impossible in today's society - especially for young people. Using our improvisational theatre curriculum, non-competitive combat system and imagination we create an interactive fantasy world where students develop characters with unique personalities and relationships and then assume their identity within this universe. This live-action role play allows children to explore aspects of their own personality by assuming a completely new one, with many benefits. The bully may become the bullied, or the son may become the father. The lesson comes as an organic life experience. Participants usually only realize they have been taught something long after they've been applying the lesson to their everyday lives.

The Adventure Game is our most comprehensive offering, taking key elements from many of our other
workshops and combining them into an interdisciplinary experience. The Adventure Game can be further integrated with a particular curriculum, theme or community issue for maximum impact with your students. 

Some examples of themed Adventure Games:
  • Transitions (Adolescence, Graduations, etc.)
  • World History (Cultures & Conflicts)
  • Interdisciplinary Study (Math, Social Studies, Science, etc.)
  • Community Issues (Bullying, Teasing, etc.)
Adventure Games require several preparatory workshops, but can be delivered in a variety of convenient (and cost-effective) methods, including:
  • 3-Day Retreats
  • 4-Week Residencies (2 sessions/wk)
  • Afterschool Programs
  • Field Days
Contact us today to create a customized program for your students.