Adventure Game, Inc. is a non-profit arts-education organization created to educate young people through interactive theater arts programs. Our mission is to empower, enlighten and educate students through hands-on, experiential workshops that allow participants to ‘live’ their lessons, developing both a comprehensive and deeply personal understanding of the subject matter.

AGI designs programming based on the following concepts:

Experiential and hands-on learning methods are among the most effective pathways for students to develop and retain a comprehensive understanding of a lesson.

Integrating the arts with education increases student cognition, creativity and potential for success.

A complete education addresses both student knowledge and character. Trust is an essential part of learning.

We use the following tools to uphold these principals and create transformational arts experiences for students:
  • IMPROVISATIONAL THEATRE: Also known as ‘improv’, this theatrical practice centers on the concepts of spontaneity and collaboration. ‘Improv’ theatre is performance with no script, props or pre-determined structure. Students are taught to harness their own creativity in a safe space where there are no mistakes. 
  • COOPERATIVE PLAY: These workshops are commonly called ‘New Games’ and focus on creating an environment of trust where playful silliness replaces self-consciousness. Students learn the difference between competition and cooperation both physically and mentally, while playing engaging and active games that teach teamwork and community awareness. 
  • CHARACTER EDUCATION: Whether studying the important personalities that shaped society or exploring social roles, students are led through a series of activities that allow them to draw parallels between the lesson and their own lives. Activities include character development, studies in status relationships and archetypes, and experiential role-playing.