Medieval Faire

Through the study of the legend of King Arthur, the feudal system, the tragedy of the plague and more,

students gain insight on life during medieval times. They then create a character from the middle ages, be it a serf, vassal, knight or king and, using improvisational theatre, become this character in an interactive Faire complete with jesters, fortune tellers and a maypole. Students participate in activities including archery contests, theatrical duels and more as they witness, first-hand, life in the middle ages.

Here is an example of the Medieval Faire curriculum.

Each class includes a student journaling activity as well as an accompanying theatre/visual art/cooperative physical exercise.

Class One: Geography and Timeline - Basic medieval dates, locations and settings.Class Two: History - Feudalism, Chivalry and Knighthood 

Class Three: Characters and Events - Important players, battles and happenings

Class Four: Religion and the Church - The Crusades, the Plague and religious hierarchy

Class Five: Art - Artists, materials, coat of arms

Class Six: Show and Tell - display and sharing of student art

Class Seven: Literature - King Arthur, Beowulf, Canterbury Tales

Class Eight: The Medieval Faire - Interactive medieval activities, food and merrymaking!